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Current service disruptions for EU-systems

ClosedDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS Import, EMCS, EU-systems, Manifest, E-tax for businesses (NTSE), TFE (testsystems), TransitInstability on NemLog-in - impacts log-in on DMS09-04-2024 kl. 15:59

Log-in with NemLog-in is at the moment unavailable. The issue affects everyone trying to log-in with NemLog-in.

This impacts log-in on DMS TFE and PROD, TastSelv Erhverv and services with similar log-in method.

09-04-2024 10:31:00
ClosedEU-systems, ICS2EU has reported issues regarding login to systems08-03-2024 kl. 13:07

The issue is under investigation.

Update 09:20: In connection with missing access the use of fallback procedures is allowed.


07-03-2024 09:03:00
ClosedEU-systems, Other messagesCustoms Trader Portal - PoUS system06-03-2024 kl. 17:01

Multiple companies have reported issues regarding login to the PoUS system.

The issue is under investigation.


01-03-2024 13:57:00
ClosedEU-systems, ICS2, Other messagesUnscheduled unavailability, several EU-systems29-01-2024 kl. 20:13

Issue is under investigation.


29-01-2024 12:28:00
ClosedEU-systems, ICS2Unscheduled unavailability, several EU-systems25-01-2024 kl. 15:06

Several EU-systems including EU Customs Traderportal.

Issue is under investigation

Update 15:00: System are available again.


25-01-2024 14:05:00

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Scheduled unavailability for EU-systems

ClosedEU-systemsUUM&DC Service Window Monday May 13, 202416-05-2024 kl. 13:54

PRD-servicewindow Monday May 13, 2024, 1100.


Instability/unavailability might occur.

12-05-2024 10:14:00
ClosedDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS Import, EU-systems, ICS, ManifestNemLog-In (MitID) April 25, 2024, 0001-030028-04-2024 kl. 10:20

Thursday April 25, 2024, 0001-0300

PRD-servicewindow NemLog-In (MitID)

File access:

  • File is not affected.

Online access:

  • Sign in to ICS and Manifest will not be possible.
  • Sign in to DMS Import/DMS Export/DMS Forsendelse (NCTS) will not be possible.
  • Sign in to Traderportal, EU-CTP and IPEP with UUM&DS will not be possible.


The use of fallback procedure is allowed within the service window.

22-04-2024 07:32:00
ClosedEU-systemsService window on Shared Trader Portal 02-04-2024 at 19-20.004-04-2024 kl. 17:27

The EU has announced the following Service windows within Shared Trader Portal:

The systems will be unavailable during the servicew and tasks must be performed afterwards.

Starting thursday 02-04-2024 19:00 until 20.00


02-04-2024 15:03:00
ClosedEU-systemsServicewindow customs trader portal 29-02-202401-03-2024 kl. 09:11

EU has announced a servicewindow for the Trader portal Feb. 29th 2024 from 19:30 until 20:30

Affected modules in the portal: EBTI, eAEO, INF og REX

Update 12:22 - INF-STP is unavailable from 19:00-23:30

WO0000001180352 - INF

27-02-2024 08:59:00
ClosedEU-systemsService window eBTI 15-02-202418-02-2024 kl. 13:47

EU has announced a service window on eBTI-STP, the European Binding Tariff Information module within Shared Trader Portal

Starting thursday 15-02-2024 19:00 until 23:59


14-02-2024 15:21:00

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Service status overview for all customs systems

Scheduled unavailabilityDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS Import, Export, ICS, Import, Manifest, TransitPRD-servicewindow Saturday May 25, 202419-05-2024 kl. 09:4619-05-2024 09:46:00
Scheduled unavailabilityDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS Import, ManifestDMS PRD-servicewindow Tuesday May 21, 202417-05-2024 kl. 06:5317-05-2024 06:53:00
InformationDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS ImportDMS – Extended response times may occur25-04-2024 kl. 12:0525-04-2024 12:05:00
InformationDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS ImportUnstability on DMS PROD19-04-2024 kl. 16:4019-04-2024 16:40:00
InformationDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS ImportDMS – Extended response times18-04-2024 kl. 07:2018-04-2024 07:20:00

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