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Overview of the latest service status information for all customs systems

InformationDMS eksportDMS export update30-11-2023 kl. 14:2630-11-2023 14:26:00
ClosedDMS eksport, DMS Forsendelse (NCTS), DMS Import, ManifestService Window Wednesday November 29, 202330-11-2023 kl. 13:3728-11-2023 09:45:00
ClosedManifestOperational disruptions at Manifest29-11-2023 kl. 16:0329-11-2023 14:09:00
ClosedDMS ImportStatus change issues in DMS import.27-11-2023 kl. 13:3027-11-2023 11:27:00
ClosedExport, TransitStatus change issues24-11-2023 kl. 19:4224-11-2023 16:13:00

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