There is a special certificate for the TFE test environment (test for business)

Please note that there are two different certificates: one for ‘TEST’ and one for ‘PROD’ (production).

If the business needs a TEST certificate, you must order one from NETS. (click the link)

If your business is a ‘service provider’, you can create the TEST certificate yourself.
Service providers are businesses that use MitID for identification, validation and signing for login to their websites, e.g. when a bank’s customers use MitID to log on to their online banking solution through the bank’s website.

This applies to all businesses where their users have a MitID login to the business’ Internet services.

If the business is not a service provider, the Tax Agency can help create a TEST certificate.

The Tax Agency must register TEST certificates in the systems before they can be used.

For enquiries about TEST certificates, please contact the IT and Development Agency, which is part of the Customs and Tax Administration, by email at