If no salary/wage etc. has been paid out in a month, a 0 declaration must be submitted.

If this concerns a public enterprise which settles A tax and contributions both in advance and in arrears, the ‘Forud/Bagud' (In advance/In arrears) field must be filled in. Public enterprises which only settle A tax and contributions either in advance or in arrears and private enterprises must not use this field.

In the menu line, select: Indberetning - Nulindberetning (Reporting - Zero declaration)

Visning af billede: Image1

  • Enter SE number -> ENTER/TAB
  • Enter date (the 1st of a month) -> ENTER/TAB
  • Enter date (the last date of the same month) -> ENTER/TAB
  • Click ‘Gem' (Save) to save

    Repeat this process for each 0 declaration.

    The export and submission of 0 declarations are made at the same time as the export and submission of income information.
    See the guide in section 10.