You can adapt the setup of the reporting screen for each individual employer so that it only contains the required fields and to enter standard values so that it is not necessary to enter the same information for all reports.

In the menu line, select: Arbejdsgiver - Default/Fravalg (Employer - Default/Deselect).

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  1. Enter the SE number or select the enterprise on the list for which you wish to change the setup.
  2. If some of the fields in the reporting screen are not going to be used, untick the fields which are not going to be used.
    1. Do not remove the tick in the following fields as these are required fields:
      1. Lønperiode Fra og Til (Salary/wage period From and Until)
      2. Udbetalt dato (Paid date)
      3. Løn Forud/Bagud (Salary/wage In advance/In arrears)
      4. Beskæftigelseskode (Employment code)
      5. After unticking the fields which are not going to be used, click ‘Gem' (Save). Please note that the deselected fields are not removed from the reporting screen. They just cannot be filled in.
      6. If you want some of the fields to have the same value each time reporting is carried out, enter the value in the fields and click ‘Gem' (Save).

        After you have clicked ‘Gem' (Save), the program will remember your selections and deselections and the standard values entered, thus facilitating the reporting of salary/wage information in future.