The program is found on the eIndkomst website,, under the item ‘Indberetningsprogram til eIndkomst' (Reporting program for eIndkomst).

Select the item ‘Bilag 1 - Programmet eIndkomstindberetning' (Appendix 1 - eIndkomstindberetning program).

Click ‘Hent programmet' (Get program). The following dialogue box now appears on the screen.

Click ‘Gem' (Save).

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After clicking ‘Gem' (Save), this dialogue box pops up.

Here you choose where the installation file is to be saved. Choose a place where it is easy to find the file - perhaps on the desktop as in this example.

After choosing the location for the file, click ‘Gem' (Save). The program is now downloaded and saved on the computer.

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When the installation file has been saved on the computer, install the program. You do this by double clicking the downloaded file and following the instructions on the screen.

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When the installation of the program is completed, the program automatically starts up and this dialogue box pop up.

Here information must be entered on the sender's SE number (see further description of sender below), name, address etc. Enter the sender's SE number followed by four zeros in the ‘Exp. ident' field.

Then click ‘OK'. The program has now been installed and is ready for use.

Next time you want to use the program, you must open it via START -> PROGRAMS -> SKAT -> eIndkomstindberetning.

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The sender may either be the employer, an accountant or an administrator acting on behalf of several enterprises. The sender will be contacted by SKAT if there are technical problems receiving the information reported. SKAT will contact the employer in the event of discrepancies between, for example, the information reported and the amounts paid in.