Payments can be made to SKAT via netbanking or ordinary banks. The identification line (OCR line) from TastSelv Erhverv must be stated.

Based on the income information reported, eIndkomst shows the amount (amount due) which parties obliged to withhold tax can reconcile with their own bookkeeping records and must pay.

SKAT creates a payment identification (OCR line) for the enterprise. An OCR line contains the information needed to complete giro transfer forms in homebanking or ordinary giro transfer forms for payment at banks and post offices. It is not possible to place an OCR line manually on an ordinary giro transfer form - if necessary, the OCR line can be indicated in the field ‘Meddelelse til modtageren' (Message for the recipient) to ensure correct entry in the debtor register. The OCR line can only be used for one specific period.

The party obliged to withhold tax can retrieve its OCR line in TastSelv Erhverv. The amount to be paid (amount due) can be seen under ‘Betaling vedrørende eIndkomst' (Payment concerning eIndkomst) in the TastSelv menu (business).

If you are registered for payment of A tax via PBS LeverandørService (PBS Supplier Service), you can select PBS payment under the menu item ‘Betaling vedrørende eIndkomst' (Payment concerning eIndkomst).

11.3.2 Payments from abroad

When paying from abroad, you need an IBAN code (International Bank Account Number): and a SWIFT BIC code: DABADKKK.

You can contact SKAT's payment centre to obtain the IBAN and SWIFT codes which are to be used in connection with payments of A tax.