The bank or pension provider withholds the calculated tax and pays it to SKAT on account no. 3100 332 9100. Payment must be made within three bank days of disbursement to the client at the latest. If the client does not become liable to pay tax due to a disbursement (e.g. due to the client having the disposal of the plan), the payment must be made within one month of the bank or pension provider having been informed of the tax liability (the use).


If payment is made after the expiry of the deadline, default interest is calculated and collected. The default interest must be paid to SKAT on a regular basis on account no. 3100 332 9100.


In connection with payments of taxes etc. pursuant to PBL from abroad, you need the following information:


IBAN code: 93 3000 0003329100 SWIFT BIC code: DABADKKK.


The rules are contained in Sections 25-31 and Section 38 of PBL.