Declaration of tax

Tax declarations must be made in all cases - this also applies to situations where there is no tax to pay.

Electronic declaration

The tax must be declared electronically, and the form must be used by all banks and pension providers in connection with declaration and tax calculation for terminated pension schemes.

The declaration is based on file transfer in XML format either through E-tax for businesses (TastSelv Erhverv) or a web service. All calls to the web service must be made via

Before the bank or pension provider can declare tax electronically, they will need a certificate for the PAF web service.

If a bank or a pension provider cannot declare a tax, the reason may be that they do not have a certificate for the PAF web service or because the certificate needs to be renewed.

The bank/pension provider can have a certificate issued or renewed by sending their latest ‘Public Key’ to the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen). Sign in with your MitID. Write to US. State the subject: ‘Renewal of PAF Certificate’.

Only one pension scheme can be declared at a time. If a holder has several pension schemes, e.g. both a personal and an employer-administered pension scheme, separate declarations must be made.

Partial termination means that only part of the pension scheme is withdrawn. If an entire pension scheme out of several of the same type is terminated, this is considered full termination. If a scheme out of several of the same type is fully withdrawn, this is not considered partial termination.

Forms with negative corrections must be sent to the Tax Agency. Sign in with your MitID. Write to US and state the subject ‘Refund of tax’.

Declaration by physical post

Forms with negative corrections can also be sent to

Nykøbingvej 76
Bygning 45
4990 Sakskøbing

How to pay the tax

The tax in whole kroner (DKK) must be sent to bank account reg. no. 3100 - account no. 0003329100.

In connection with the payment into the account, please state the pension provider’s CVR number or SE number.

The tax must be paid within three working days (bank days) of disbursement to the holder at the latest. However, if a transaction has been made in contravention of the provisions of the Pension Tax Act, the time limit is one month after the pension provider has been informed of the transaction. Any default interest is calculated under section 7 of the Danish Tax Collection Act (Opkrævningsloven).

As a general rule, the date when tax liability arises is on the date of disbursement.

For corrections, only the differential amount from the previous declaration is to be declared as value. The differential tax must be paid together with the other terminated pension schemes.

If a declaration is to be deleted, this is a negative declaration, and the pension provider may request a refund by writing to the Tax Agency. Sign in with MitID and write to US. State the subject ‘Refund of tax’.

Tax penalty may be declared by file transfer via E-tax for businesses or via Web service. For further information, please refer to and our Danish-language legal guide, section C.A.10 Pensions- forsikrings- og opsparingsordninger mv. (Pension, insurance and savings schemes etc.)