Search function in the guide.

It is possible to search for words or phrases in the guide. The search function allows you to search for single words or phrases.

To search the relevant guide specifically, click the print icon on the right side of the guide.

After you click the print icon, a pop-up window appears where you click ‘Med alle sider’ (Include all pages).

A new window will then open with the guide in a print-friendly version. To search the guide, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard.

At the top of the guide, a search box will appear where you can search for a word or phrase relevant to what you want to find answers to.

You will be able to see how many hits (words/phrases) there are in the guide. The search word or phrase will be highlighted in the entire guide.

You can click ‘Forrige’ (Previous) or ‘Næste’ (Next), if you want to skip to the previous or next section where the search word appears.