We provide a service in the form of the FKT test system (functional requirements test) where you can test the functionality of your system. Testing in the FKT environment must always be carried out with anonymised CPR numbers for data and legal security reasons, see also the general considerations in the GDPR on maximum security for the handling of personal data.

Information made anonymous so that no natural person can be identified on the basis of the information or in combination with other information is no longer protected by data protection rules. This is because data protection rules only apply as long as the data can be attributed to an identifiable or identified natural person. It is a condition that the anonymisation is irrevocable.

The IT and Development Agency, which is part of the Customs and Tax Administration, makes a number of civil registration numbers available for testing purposes for onboarding. These can be used to test the flow for the unique identification code. You must then link your data to the unique identification codes of the fictitious persons and conduct test reporting. Our system will check the address and vehicle registration number. We would therefore encourage you to use both existing and non-existent data in order for you to test the functionality of the system as well as your data. For access to test data civil registration numbers, please contact del-drift@UFST.dk.

In order to carry out test reporting in FKT as a Danish business, you must use a test certificate. Read more in section 2.1.3 Order test certificate. As a non-Danish business, you must use an Extended Validation Certificate. Read more in section 2.2.3 Order certificate for testing