Sign your business up for the reporting obligation by following the steps below:

•    Go to and enter ‘Signing up for reporting income from sharing economy - non-Danish businesses’ in the search field
•    Select Signing up for reporting income from sharing economy - non-Danish businesses - 03.089 English version (03.089 Danish version)
•    Click 'Start selvbetjening' (Start self-service)
•    Enter the CVR no. or SE no. of your business
•    Enter your business name
•    Enter your business address (optional)
•    Enter your business phone number (optional)
•    Enter your business email (optional)
•    Enter relevant details in Additional contact information (optional)
•    Click 'Næste' (Next)
•    Indicate the activities offered by your platform
•    Indicate the starting date of the sharing economy activity
•    Click 'Næste' (Next)
•    Fill in the field Additional information (optional)
•    Attach any documentation (optional)
•    Click 'Næste' (Next)
•    Enter any additional information (optional), and attach any documentation (optional).
•    Click 'Næste' (Next)
•    Confirm your entries by ticking the confirmation field
•    Indicate which role or function you have in the business
•    Click 'Næste' (Next)
•    Summary
•    Click Send

When the registration has been processed, a new, updated registration certificate will be generated. You can find the updated registration certificate in E-tax for businesses under Profile. To access E-tax for businesses, go to and log on as a business. Use the E-tax password that you received from us.

Read more about registering the certificate with the Danish Business Authority, which is necessary to report income from sharing economy activities, in section 2.2.4 Register EVSSL certificates.

If you experience any problems with the registration, please contact the Tax Agency at or on +45 72 38 02 10.