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08 dec 2008 10:08
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This guide concerns the taxation of yields from pension plan assets for pension plans with foreign banks and pension providers. The Rules enter into force from the 2008 year of taxation.

Hvad er nyt?
  • Specifically for Danish banks with pension holders with limited tax liability (under section A.1.1)
  • Section A.2 Pension providers liable to taxation (Section 1(2) of PAL)
  • Section B.5 Basis of taxation at provider level and subsections B.5.1, B.5.2 and B.5.3
  • B.7.4 Labour Market Supplementary Pension Fund (ATP) (Section 10(3) of PAL)
  • B.7.5 Employees' Capital Pension Fund (LD) (Section 10(4) of PAL)
  • C.2.1 Net determination (Section 14 of PAL)
  • C.2.3.5 Cancellation of treasury shares (Section 15(5) of PAL)
  • Determining negative PAL tax for disbursement to Danish banks and pension providers (under section C.3.1)
  • C.3.2 Transfers mergers, demergers etc. (Section 18 of PAL)
  • C.3.3 Transfer of activities to newly established subsidiaries (Section 19 of PAL)
  • Example under C.3.4.4 Carryforward to subsequent years of taxation (Section 20(3) of PAL) has been changed.
  • C.3.4.5 Relief for life insurance companies liable to corporation tax (Section 20(4) of PAL)
  • Exception (Section 23(4), first and second sentences of PAL) under section D.1.3.1 has been changed.
  • Transfer from a foreign bank to a Danish bank (under section D.1.3.1)
  • D.1.4 Cessation of tax liability (Section 24 of PAL)
  • Example under section D.3 Default interest (Section 24 of PAL)
  • Reference to guide under section D.6 Other rules concerning the administration of PAL (Section 31 of PAL)
  • D.9 Pension providers liable to taxation under administration (Section 35 of PAL)

In addition to the above, minor corrections have been made in the existing text, e.g. in sections C.2.3, D.1.1, D.1.2, D.4. Section D.9 Binding assessment notice has been changed to section D.10 because of the new section D.9 Pension providers liable to taxation under administration (Section 35 of PAL).