When a pension provider in an EU or EEA member state is approved as a provider of pension plans in Denmark, it undertakes a number of obligations. These are the same obligations that The Danish Tax Agency requires from Danish pension providers offering similar schemes in Denmark.

The pension provider undertakes to:

  • withhold and pay in income tax (A tax), any tax penalty and tax on yields from pension assets under the same rules that apply to Danish pension providers.
  • obtain a declaration from the customer. The declaration must be signed by the customer who must accept being taxed in Denmark on the regular income from the pension.

You can download the Citizen's declaration (form number 07.056) at www.skat.dk/formsbusinesses

Moreover, the pension provider undertakes to inform The Danish Tax Agency about:

  • changes in ownership.
  • pledging of the scheme.
  • yields on the pension plan assets.
  • changes in beneficiaries named by the customer.
  • contributions to and disbursements from the pension plan.
  • the pension plan if the customer transfers it to another pension provider.
  • other factors which may mean that the scheme no longer complies with the Danish rules.