Any assignor - Danish or foreign - is obliged to give information on the contractor and the contract without prior request, if the contractor is a foreign company which is not registered in Denmark as a subsidiary or a branch. If the contractor engages foreign subcontractors the contractor in this context becomes an assignor and is therefore obliged to give information on the subcontractors and the subcontracts.

 When giving information on contractors and contracts the form no. 49.103 - Information on Contractor/Contracts must be completed.

 You can download the form from

 The completed form must be e-mailed no later than 14 days after the commencement of the work to

 All changes to the initial information should be forwarded to our e-mail address above without delay. However, changes to the information concerning the contract amount and the expected date of termination should be submitted immediately after the discontinuance of the contract work.